The Luxeve fire pit is designed to be a beautiful outdoor fire accent to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in an upscale patio space.

Using Breeo Industries’ patent-pending smokeless technology, Luxeve takes it to a new level with a feeling of class.

A powder-coated exterior, modern feet, and fire pit glass around the rim gives Luxeve contrast and style.

Fuel Type: Wood
33″ outside diameter
15″ total height sits
3″ off ground
12″ inside pit height
24″ inside pit diameter
25″ outside pit diameter

Material: Triple walled, cold-rolled steel
Interior finish: Black High temp Paint
Exterior Finish: Powder Coating: White, Silver, Bronze, Red

The wood fire pit industry has rarely if ever seen sophistication and style in a portable fire pit. 

We at Breeo Industries believe that design and aesthetics CAN be applied to a wood fire pit, to make it a natural accent in the most luxurious of patio spaces.

Using the Luxeve fire pit as a substitution for gas fire pits has many economic, environmental, and even social benefits.

The primary innovation of this product is in the way it creates an entirely new market for consumers by combining clean burning technology with a modern, contemporary design.


How It Works

Fire Pit and Accessories

Glass Color Options

Earth Rust

Bronze Vein


Glass Color Options

White River

Silver Vein

Lid Included



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Faq's Luxeve

  • Q1. What size is it?
    • The outside diameter is 31″ and the Inside Diameter is 24″. It stands 15″ high


  • Q2. What does it burn?
    • Wood. Use dead and dry wood, especially when getting the fire going. Hardwoods are recommended, although soft woods such as spruce and pine work as well.

  • Q3. What surface can it sit on?
    • Anything other than a deck. If you would like to use it on a deck, do so at your own risk.

  • Q4. Finish?
    • The inside walls are painted with black high-temp grill paint, the exterior wall is powder coated.

  • Q5. Is there a warranty?
    • Yes, 3 Year warranty, paint excluded.

  • Q6. Are there other colors available?
    • Yes, we have five color options to choose from, White River, Silver Vein, Earth Rust, Bronze Vein, and Red.