August 3, 2016

A Camping Fire Pit

Campfires are such an integral part of camping that it is almost impossible to imagine the perfect campsite without some flickering embers. We warm ourselves around them, roast marshmallows, and tell stories. They draw us together after the days activities end.

Unfortunately, a conventional campfire is limited in function. Yes, you can sit around it in a circle, but smoke will be chasing a third of the campers around and around. Yes, you can cook on it, but unless you are quite skilled, half of the food may end up in the fire. A camping fire pit, especially a Breeo fire pit, alleviates these issues.

For example, the simple task of boiling water can be difficult in a conventional campfire. When camping with a fire pit, however, that becomes much simpler. Particularly when the fire pit has an adjustable grill, allowing you to keep the water hot after its done boiling, by setting it higher off the flames.

Preparing some sauteed veggies is quite tricky when you do not have consistent heat and an adjustable grill height. The Double Flame Fire Pit and Stainless Steel Swing Away Grill works like a charm for this task.

Perhaps you want to prepare a quick dish of Quinoa? No problem.

Maybe its breakfast time and you want pancakes and bacon. Both can be a real hassle, but pancakes are especially tricky if you don’t have consistent heat.
camping fire pit

Of course, much of the joy of a camping fire pit is sitting around it in the evening. Campfire songs, ghost stories, and accounts of the day are the usual. Unfortunately, on windy nights the experience is somewhat lessened by clouds of smoke. Usually just about the time someone gets comfortable, the wind changes direction slightly and they have to move again, coughing and choking. Not to mention everyone going to bed smelling like they just survived a forest fire. Luckily, the Double Flame fire pit, especially when burning dry branches and other dead-fall, burns very efficiently. The smoke becomes an aroma rather than a nuisance.

Of course, without the cloud of smoke, there may be more mosquito’s…(:

Happy camping!

May 18, 2016

Bannock on a Smoke Less Fire Pit

Bannock is the Bread of the North. Perfected over the years by First Nations, trappers, and adventurers it has become a staple food in the far north. Because of its simplicity, bannock can be made with the most basic of equipment. For example, a smoke less fire pit.

This recipe is for frybread, which is bannock that is deep fried instead of baked. We will be using the Double Flame fire pit with Stainless Steel grill, and a cast Iron skillet.

Here are the ingredients:

1 Cup White Flour

1 Tsp MAGIC baking powder

Sprinkling of Salt


First, mix the flour and baking powder together using a spoon or fork. Once it is thoroughly mixed, create a cavity in the center for the water.

Pour between a ¼ and ½ cup of water into the cavity. You can add more water as needed.

Begin to mix the flour into the water with a fork. Try to keep the flour from balling up by keeping your fork moving quickly. Once you begin to create a piece of dough, fold it over itself again and again as you continue to add water to use up all of the flower.

The consistency of the dough should be slightly firm but buoyant. Once you have your dough ready, spread it on a clean surface until it is roughly an inch thick all around. Then use a cup to cut circles out of the dough. You are now ready to cook.


Get a hot fire going in your fire pit, and lower the grill close to the flames. Place a cast iron skillet on the grill with about an inch of vegetable oil. Allow the oil to heat until it crackles when a drop of water is thrown in.

Place the pieces of bannock in CAREFULLY is the oil will be extremely hot. Flip the bannock over when one side becomes golden brown.


To serve, cut in a half and add butter and honey.


To see how the professionals do it, check out in Toronto, Ontario. This is my father’s restaurant and they are the established experts on the subject. Make sure to stop by if you are in the city!