Your backyard patio project needs something different. It needs an old fashioned, real wood fire. But it doesn’t need the smoke. 

The solution? Zentro™ fire pits. Higher, more even temperatures mean faster cooking, and patent-pending smoke re-burning technology nearly eliminates annoying smoke for playing guitar, sipping hot cocoa or swapping stories.

The Zentro™ line of fire pits are designed to easily fit into any exising or new paver, patio or stone fire pit. This product fits ring sizes ranging from 30″ to 47″ in diameter.

Get the family and friends, and Gather Round.


More than half of us own smartphones. Why not own the only smart fire pit?

Wood fires are great, but one downside is too much smoke. No matter where you sit, the smoke always seems to follow you around and sting your eyes.

Zentro is the answer. It uses a patent- pending secondary afterburner to drastically reduce smoke by igniting it before it has a chance to escape.

And with double-walled construction, the outer surface and top rail stay cooler, for safer campfires. Plus, even though it’s cooler outside, it’s 30% hotter inside, and designed to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface for more consistent cooking temperatures.

Remember, when grilling over the fire with grease dripping off the grill, the fire will smoke. This is because the smoke is coming off of the grill and other places that are not below the re-burning ring. 


Check out the Zentro Fire Pit on HGTV! 

Zentro on Vanilla Ice DIY SHOW


How It Works

Fire Pit and Accessories

Zentro Smokeless Fire Pit Insert: Fits Into 30"- 32.5" Block Fire Ring

Zentro 41” and 47" Retro-Fit Rings: 41" Retro-Fit Ring Fits 33” – 38” Inside Diameter Block Fire Ring. 47" Retro-Fit Ring Fits 38 1⁄2" - 44” Inside Diameter Block Fire Ring.

Zentro Kettle Winch

Zentro Stainless Steel Grill

Zentro Basic 29" Fire Pit Insert: Fits Into 29.5" - 29.75" Inside Diameter Block Fire Ring.

Zentro Basic 36" Retro-Fit Ring: Fits 30.5"- 33" Inside Diameter Block Fire Ring.

Zentro Griddle

Zentro Chicken Rotisserie Grill

Zentro Accessory Post



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Faq's Zentro

  • Q1. What size is it?
    • The main unit is has an inside diameter of 24″, fits fire pit rings that have an inside diameter of 30″-32.5″, and stands 12″ high. With the purchase of one of our retro-fit rings, you can fit any fire pit with an inside diameter up to 48″.

  • Q2. What does it burn?
    • Wood. Use dead and dry wood, especially when getting the fire going. Hardwoods are recommended, although soft woods such as spruce and pine work as well.

  • Q3. Finish?
    • It is painted with a black, high temp, outdoor, grill paint.

  • Q4. Does it have a warranty?
    • Yes, 3 Year warranty, paint excluded

  • Q5. Can I cook on it?
    • Yes! All of the firepits work great for marshmellows and hotdogs. Ablaze and Zentro are designed for heavy duty grilling and cooking. Double Flame is designed for lesser quantity cooking when out camping.

  • Zentro Smokeless and Zentro Basic fire pit differences?
    • There are two main difference between the two fire pits. One, the Zentro Smokeless fire pit is built with a smoke-reducing technology and the Zentro Basic does not have the smoke-reducing feature. Two, the Accessory Post sleeve on the Zentro Basic fire pit is on the inside instead of the outside like the Zentro Smokeless. There are several other differences such as weight, size, etc. as well.